In an effort to reduce costs and focus on core business objectives today’s businesses are rightsizing. Many companies today are outsourcing software development and maintenance. Gravitive can help your company leverage the outsourcing advantage further by moving a portion (or all) of the software development offshore.

However, to many companies offsourcing seems like a momentous risk.Actually, when the right team is on the job, the benefits highly outweigh the drawbacks. Offsourcing provides the lexibility to maintain existing legacy systems while implementing new applications for new environments. In addition, offsourcing gives the customer access to a number of highly qualified IT specialists for client/server applications and eCommerce solutions, as well as lowering costs by operating with a country such as India. By offsourcing to India , some companies can expect to receive as much as 16 to 20 hour per day development cycles and between 20% to 50% cost savings on certain projects.

Our offshore development teams are proficient in diverse industries with technology focus on Microsoft and Java technologies. Gravitive combines effective business solutions with an Offshore Development Model to deliver custom software. Our Offshore development methodology uses an engagement manager onshore and a project manager with technical team in India.

We recommend the engagement manager (main point of contact) for our projects to be onshore, however, the client can reach the offshore project manager directly if they wish to do so. Regular weekly conference calls and status report also keep the client in control.

Where the nature of the project involves intense interaction on a continual basis, the onsite engagement manager works from the customer site to coordinate project activity with the Offshore Development Center (ODC) and the customer. This onsite presence may involve a single resource or part of the project services team, depending on the nature, size, and complexity of the development initiative.

Doing IT right

Gravitive provides a wide range of services to assist businesses in the implementation of an offsourcing program. We will advise your company on the pros and cons of offsourcing, introduce you to the major off-shore providers with proven track records, accompany your team on fact-finding missions and negotiate the most favorable rates on your behalf. In addition, Gravitive will also perform the project management service for your selected offsourcing project.


  • Cultural differences
  • Lack of management (Time Zone)
  • Lack of processes (requirements gathering, change control, testing, communication)
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Customer involvement (SME support)Improper project selection


  • Gain access to global capabilities & reduce operating costs
  • Free resources to focus on internal critical projects
  • Improve time to market with 8­20 hour per day development cycles
  • Maintain legacy systems while developing new applications in new environments
  • Clearly written requirements and deliverables

Offsourcing with India

No matter how advanced technology becomes, the software that goes into IT still requires a vast amount of skilled labor. India happens to have the second largest English­speaking pool of engineers in the world. In addition, India has the highest number of ISO 9001 certified software companies in the world. Because of India ‘s large labor pool and lower production costs, it often proves highly profitable to investigate offsourcing opportunities. Gravitive can be your guide throughout the process.

Whether it’s on a structural or interpersonal level, our team is trained in cultural sensitivity and skilled in communication. We will familiarize ourselves with your environment and adapt accordingly. Then, we’ll make sure we do everything possible to meet all of your IT needs.

Project Outsourcing Methodology

Why Gravitive for Project Outsourcing?

  • Through a combination of technology, project management, and business expertise, Gravitive brings experience, tools and processes to an offsite/offshore development program.
  • Gravitive has a proven program management methodology for offsite/offshore projects. We employ a series of templates as tools to ensure a consistent methodology and framework for development processes.
  • Gravitive helps bridge communications gaps because of cultural and physical distances. Gravitive ensures delivery at a lower cost without compromising quality or increasing Client risk.